The Hotels Voted Best In Las Vegas

las-vegas-1156095_960_720We know that some people like blondes and some like brunettes. I like them both and redheads, too. We are all different and what one person loves another doesn’t. This is true about most things and this would certainly include opinions about hotels. But, people do ask, “What is the best hotel in Las Vegas?”

There have been various polls and studies done over the years by different organizations seeking the answer to this question. As you can imagine, they don’t always agree. And, as with most polls, it depends on how the question is asked and how qualified responders are.

What we will do here is offer you some answers tabulated by one very respected travel source. That source  is Conde Nast TravelerConde Nast came up with a list of ten top hotels as voted by their respondents in 2015. The 2016 poll is now in progress and you can vote by visiting the link below.

Their top rated hotels are Wynn & Encore. Number 10 on the list is Delano, formerly Te Hotel. The Wynn and Encore received a score of 88.853 while Delano received 82.109, a spread of 6.744. Not a big spread between number one and number ten. There are no losers on the list.

In fact, there are none of the choices on the 2015 list that are not excellent properties. I’ve stayed at two of them, Bellagio and Encore, both were very high end experiences. If you didn’t know, The M, number 8 on the list is a good 7-8 miles south of Mandalay Bay and not part of the official “Strip.”  It’s small by comparison, but has a nice warm feel to it.

Three of the properties are located within the City Center complex. These are conveniently located to all the mid-strip hotels and activities.

You can read the entire list and vote for your 2016 choice here.


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