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Another Beer Breakthrough – How About 100 Bold Brews To Choose From

shutterstock_140725666Who can even guess how much beer is consumed in a single day in Las Vegas? It would likely have to be measured by the ton. Any way you measure it, a lot of beer fills a lot of bellies in Las Vegas.

We recently reported on a new venue, The Pub, at Monte Carlo that offers 50 unique brews for its customers. Now, there is a new, bigger kid on the block. This one is located a little north at Paris Las Vegas.

The new venue is the Budweiser Beer Park. This 10,000 square foot park will taut a cool 100 choices for the beer connoisseur. That’s a lot of choices. It will take one quite a while just to consider the menu.

Read about the first look at the new Beer Park.


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