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A Way To Avoid The Crowds In Vegas

shutterstock_160438778It’s a busy time in Las Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is almost always busy, but some times are better for visiting.

If you don’t plan your trip correctly, you may have to deal with large crowds and pay more for your room. Now some folks don’t mind the crowds, but if you do, there are some  simple ways to help you plan your trip around the more crowed times.

Obviously, weekends will have more people visiting Las Vegas. And, there will be more people during certain times of the year, like Spring break and during the summer months. My favorite time to go is mid-December. The prices are lower, less people, and the Christmas lights are awesome.

Also, if you can work it out to be in Vegas from Tuesday-Thursday, you will usually find less people walking the Strip. In my experience, arriving Sunday and leaving Thursday works very well and stays within my budget.

One last tip is to check the convention calendar. In may there are some conventions with us to 35,000 people scheduled. Then, there are many smaller ones.

Check the April-May convention schedule here.


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