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A Fire Breathing Praying Mantis In Vegas?

shutterstock_112647818Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows about some of the interesting oddities found there like a Volcano and the Eiffel Tower on the Strip. There is also a large pyramid, but who knew about a fire breathing praying mantis?

Want to see the mantis in action? Take a quick look Here

The mantis is not all that you will find at the Container Park in downtown Vegas. The park is located at 707 Fremont Street at 7th Street. This is two blocks east of the Fremont Experience so it won’t catch your eye unless you walk into East Fremont area.

So, what’s here besides the mantis? First, it offers three stories of shopping including specialty shops like Vapor Loft, Kappa Toys, and JoJo’s Jerky. When you look at the list of vendors the names are the ones you see at most malls or shopping areas. Here is the Directory

Then, for entertainment, you will find the entire calendar of events for December Here

For food, again, names that are usually unfamiliar to visitors, there is Jinju Chocolates, Cheffini’s, Las Vegas Kettle Corn, Pinch’s Tacos, and Sasasweets Chillspot, plus others.

The Container Park website adds this:

There’s also live concerts, movies, and interactive children’s activities all conveniently located at one luxurious address: The Downtown Container Park at 707 Fremont Street.

The Container Park is definitely a unique place, a place only found in Vegas.


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