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A Cheap Way To Tour The Strip

shutterstock_76944043There are many ways to get around Las Vegas, but it can be expensive. Cabs can empty your wallet fast if you use them frequently and walking can be exhausting because nothing is close together in Las Vegas even though it may look like it. The Strip is four miles long so not many folks are going to walk it from end to end.

There is another alternative that cost not much more than a double-shot grande latte at Starbucks. In fact, you can get an all-day pass for just $8 or you can ride for 3 days for just $20.

Our suggestion is the Deuce, a double decker bus, that trolls the Strip and even goes downtown. It may take a little longer than a cab, but the scenery and fellow passengers will keep riders fascinated.

Prices, schedules, and more here.



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