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A 101 Year-Old Haunted Saloon Nearby

shutterstock_199750607This saloon has a dark history. For one thing a man was murdered there and you can still see the bullet holes, not in the man, but in the saloon walls.

This is the place were famed actor Clark Gable spent three days waiting word on the fate of his wife Carol Lombard. The news was not good. Lombard died in a plane crash. You can learn more about this couple and that event when you visit the saloon.

The Pioneer saloon is about a 30-40 minute drive from the Strip. It is located south of Vegas and just west off of the Jean, Nevada, exit.  The Pioneer Saloon is located in Goodsprings, Nevada, and is a ghost town.

Next to the saloon is another establishment where you can buy some food and souvenirs. You can read more about this historic place and see photos here.


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