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The Wild West In Vegas This Weekend

stagecoach-5106_960_720We must remember that at one time, Las Vegas really was the epitome of the wild West. For quite a while after its establishment in 1905 there were sawdust floors lining the casinos, horses tied up at the bars, and some shoot outs in the street. Wyatt Earp would have been right at home in early Las Vegas.

At different times during the year, you will be reminded of Vegas’ Western roots. You will see more cowboys and cowgirls than usual around town, such as during the annual Rodeo Finals in December.

There will be another opportunity to experience some of the good ol days this weekend.  This Saturday will mark the start of the annual Helldorado Days parade and activities. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The Helldorado Parade steps off at 10 a.m. Saturday along Fourth Street at Gass Avenue, proceeding north to Stewart Avenue.

A number of high school marching bands and more horses than ever before are two hallmarks for this year’s parade, parade producer Esther Carter said.

One unusual addition to the parade will be a marching group called the Hill Country Plungers from Texas. They, believe or not, march with toilet plungers. There must be a good story behind this practice.

This history of this event goes way back to 1934. During this 3-day event, there will be a carnival, food, rodeo, and even a facial hair contest. I hope this is just for the guys. You can read the entire report here.


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