Vegas’ Secret Airline To Area 51 (video)


People drive by McCarran airport every day and don’t notice the jet aircraft sitting right out in the open that shuttles workers to and from the top secret Area 51. This is Vegas’ secret airline.

People love mysteries and secrets. One secret that has fascinated young and old alike for decades is Groom Lake, AKA Area 51. It is located just northwest of Las Vegas, about 3 hours by car.

There is a plethora of books, videos, and movies that explore the mysteries of Area 51. Are there aliens there? Was the alleged flying saucer that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico hidden there? What else is the government hiding from us? These are a few of the questions that seem to never be answered to everyone’s satisfaction.

Putting aside the conspiracies, a lot of people work in Area 51 and many of them live in the Vegas area or further south. The distance from Las Vegas is a little over 124-150 miles or a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive depending on one’s starting point. This would mean a long roundtrip commute for workers.

One way workers can commute is via a secret government airline. Officially, it is Janet airlines. It’s not clear why it is named Janet Airlines. One idea as to what Janet stands for is “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation”. This airline that few have even heard of actually began service over forty years ago in 1972.

It’s fleet consists of nondescript Boeing 737s. These aircraft have no logos or markings other than their FAA registration number on the rear section of the plane. Contractors and other government employees board their assigned planes in a restricted terminal at McCarran International Airport.

For the most part no one pays much attention to Janet Airline’s comings and goings. But, if people knew where they were going there would be plenty of interest.

This short video will tell the story of someone who tried to enter the restricted terminal at McCarran. You will also see some of the planes.


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