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Vegas May Become Pot Tourist Stop

shutterstock_244198942Colorado took the plunge several years ago and legalized recreational marijuana. Other states have slowly joined the pot parade at least allowing medical marijuana. It was inevitable that the trend would add some new lights to the Vegas landscape, the glow of marijuana weed.

Well, the doors are now open for the medicinal variety of the popular weed. Time will tell what this new draw to the area will do to the city and the Strip.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported on Monday, October 12th, that all that is needed for a visitor to obtain some grass from a local Vegas dispensary is their medical marijuana card and a driver’s license. Or, a California doctor’s recommendation will do the trick.

At this point, only medical marijuana is allowed. However many believe that over time, probably a short time, restrictions will loosen and the fun will begin as recreational use is allowed. Ummm, would casinos give away free pot to increase earnings at the tables? Don’t laugh. We are talking Vegas.

State regulators have already set up some fairly stringent rules as to where these dispensaries can be and what they look like on the outside. Also, they have all but banned any form of advertising. But, word of mouth will probably get the word out, like overnight.

The Las Vegas Review Journal’s full story is here:



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