Uh oh! Uber & Lyft Drivers Caught Cheating

shutterstock_300817451Uber and Lyft, ride-hailing companies, have gained a good share of the transportation market in Las Vegas. People needing a lift will use a phone app to find a nearby driver who will take them to their destination. Drivers use their own automobiles. Uber and Lyft are in competition with the cab companies and there is no love lost between them. But, there is now another aspect to the story.

Recently, private investigators were able to catch at least 10 Uber or Lyft drivers agreeing to what is called “illegal pickups.” This is the act of accepting requests by passengers, or soliciting passengers, for transportation and bypassing booking the ride through an app. This deprives the companies their share of the fare. This is also illegal.

The Review Journal states:

The Nevada Transportation Authority requires customers to request a ride using the app. The authority recently began hiring more officers to monitor ride-hail drivers.

Cabdrivers complained that Uber and Lyft contractors were soliciting people waiting in the convention center taxi line. The wait time for a cab was about 40 minutes as the show came to a close, Bell said.

Bell said cabdrivers stopped picking up customers at the convention after hearing that Uber and Lyft contractors were stealing customers from the cab line.

Full story is right here.


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