There Is Something New Coming To Caesars Palace

shutterstock_169042358Caesars Palace has grown in size and reputation over the years. Tower by tower, Caesars has grown in height, width, and amenities. It is known for its luxury accommodations, spas, and culinary excellence.

When the casino opened on August 5, 1966, the main building was 14 stories high and contained 700 rooms. Today, the vast complex contains 3960 rooms spread among its six towers.

The first tower, the Roman Tower, will be remodeled and will emerge as the Julius Tower. The first guests are scheduled to check in to the face lifted high rise on January 1st.

As its 50th anniversary arrives, management has stated that it will continue to make every effort to provide excellent luxury service for every guest. What can actually be accomplished over the next year, may, or may not, be hindered by the ongoing Chapter 11 developments. At this point visitors and guests would see no evidence of the bankruptcy.

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