Street Performers Boxed In on Fremont Street


Actually, the street performers are not boxed in, they are circled in. If you have been in Downtown Las Vegas or on the Strip, you have encountered buskers, or street entertainers. They impersonate some of your favorite celebrities. They may sing, dance, or just pose for a photo.

On a recent trip to the Fremont Experience, this writer encountered Michael Jackson, Spiderman, and others within the same block on Fremont Street. While watching these actors, a Las Vegas police officer ran Spiderman off. He didn’t have a permit.

There has been ongoing contention between local officials and the entertainers about proposed rules and what these buskers can and can’t do. The buskers want to freely ply their trade, but officials are concerned about complaints from visitors about aggressive solicitations. Finally, earlier this week, the City Council decided to act.


Beginning late last year, street actors were restricted to about three dozen six-foot circles that are painted along the five-block Fremont mall. In addition, they must stay at least 100 feet away from any concert venue and 40 feet away from other busters.

These new rules do not apply to buskers on the Strip. For those who may not know, the Strip is not in Las Vegas, but rather in Paradise and Winchester. Las Vegas city limits begin just north of Sahara.

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