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South Strip To Get “Extreme Park”

shutterstock_222892252There are parks and there are “extreme parks.” An extreme park is different from regular amusement parks in that it offers some experiences that many would label as extreme. This, of course, translates to extreme fun. The Extreme Park is what should open on the south part of the Strip within the next year.

The Las Vegas Weekly, reported this week on the Extreme Park story. In the past, the park was

more a dream than a possibility. Now it appears it will be a reality soon. The report says:

The word “extreme” gets tossed around. But no doubt, it applies to zipline coasters. “They actually go sideways and up and down. … You can swing your body, and the whole apparatus of the line shakes and moves, so it feels like you’re floating in air and flying,” Josh Kearney says. The Australian engineer and entrepreneur just announced that his Vegas Extreme Park concept has “finally found its home” on a 90-acre, Strip-fronting plot across from Town Square. And the fantasy of wild flight is one of about a dozen action-sports attractions on deck.

Read the whole story here.

This is what we are talking about. This will be awesome!


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