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Some Of Vegas’ Premium Hotels Have Gone To The Dogs!

shutterstock_70110103Las Vegas does some slick marketing. How about “If it happens in Vegas. It stays in Vegas.” This is genius stuff, and these type promotions do get people’s attention.

In recent times, the city has tried to attract families presenting Vegas as a “family destination.” Well, that one didn’t work quite as well. But, now there is another interesting twist to the marketing approach.

Vegas is now the place for dogs. And, some of the top places in Las Vegas have rolled out the red carpet for Fido and Rover. Some properties offer really over-the-top amenities for your dog. How about a patch of artificial grass for those potty breaks and some chewable toys. The Cosmopolitan offers all these plus some “take home” water and food dishes.

It doesn’t seem that our feline friends are as welcome at this point. However, some hotels, like any of the five La Quinta locations, do allow cats. These are not five-star, but your kitty can stay there free. Free in Vegas is good.

And wait, there is more. Some properties, like Marriott’s Residence Inn, will even let your bring your fish, lizard, or bird. You will have to call if you have a gorilla, lion, or bear. They probably have rules against these. But, we are talking Vegas so make the call.

This is great news right? You can bring your beloved pet and save the usual boarding or pet sitter fees.

Well, not so fast. Remember, this is Vegas and few things are free. There will be, in most cases, a charge to board your little loved one, anywhere from $50-$75 per day. Hopefully, you won’t be charged a resort fee too. That would be a low blow.

Regardless, of where you plan to stay, make the call. Policies change all the time. We love our pets and it is always great to have them waiting for us when we return to our rooms after a hard day walking the Strip.

Some of the hotels that offer Pet stays and amenities are:

Marriott’s Residence Inn

Trump Towers



Element by Westin

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay



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