Seed To Weed Industry Is Smoking Hot!

The marijuana business is about to really take off in Las Vegas. There are new seed to weed growing complexes popping up in and around the Las Vegas valley. Marijuana will become a major revenue maker in Las Vegas and likely another reason people will come to the area.

The result of the November ballot # 2 legalized recreational marijuana use in Nevada. This part of the law has not yet taken effect. There are regulations that have to be written to and hammered out before Vegas visitors will be allowed to light up. In the short run, we will see new stores being prepared to offer the new legal weed.

In the mean time, weed growing facilities are opening up to supply medical marijuana demand and in preparation for the new demand that will occur once the new law takes effect.

Las Vegas Weekly wrote an article on this new business trend. They report:

“The idea is that the environment is sterile and clean,” Armen Yemenidjian—who co-owns Desert Grown Farms with philanthropist Camille Ruvo and Brian Greenspun, CEO and Publisher of Greenspun Media Group, the parent company of this magazine—says as we tour the 54,000-square-foot medical marijuana facility. “We take care to make sure nothing from outside that could infect our plants is brought inside.”

Facilities like this have been popping up around town since the fall of 2015, when medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada first began opening their doors. The demand for grow houses should only increase once the state legislature works out details on implementing Ballot Question 2, which passed in November, legalizing up to one ounce of marijuana flower or an eighth of an ounce of marijuana concentrates for recreational use in Nevada. Read the full article with much more detail here.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds. For now keep an eye on the new seed to weed growing plants.


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