Riviera Implosions Set For Summer

shutterstock_107862941Another classic hotel & casino, the Riviera, is about to bite the dust, literally. When the Riviera was originally built in 1955 it was a record breaker. It was, at the time, the tallest multi-story hotel on the Strip. It’s had a rich history and has been used in many Vegas movies.

The Riviera has been closed since 2015, and was originally believed to be imploded sometime in February of this year. It didn’t happen.

Now, people have been asking when the Riviera will be imploded. The current plan is for two separate implosions this summer, not just one easy implosion. It will be a multi-phase process.

However, like other implosions, it will have a lot of fanfare. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority wants the implosions to draw national attention to the event and future plans for expansion of the Convention Center.

The current plan is to implode one tower in June and another in August. The two towers that will go down are the Monte Carlo and the Monaco.

The cost of cleaning up the Riviera property for future construction has run into some new problems. One major problem is that asbestos has been  discovered in the aged structure. This means a fairly laborious and careful effort must take place to ensure safety. There are also concerns about environmental damage.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported in April:

The cost of bringing the Riviera down climbed by $5 million because Cordell and Terracon determined that there is asbestos within the stucco finish of the Monte Carlo tower. As a result, Richardson workers will have to wrap the building in plastic and chisel away the finish and haul the debris away to prevent asbestos particles from becoming airborne during the planned implosion.

Read more about the upcoming Riviera implosions here.

Here is an update on the current work going on at the Riviera site:


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