Famed Peppermill Restaurant To Survive


It’s one of the Strips most loved and historic restaurants. It is a place that locals love and visitors seek out and enjoy. Many visitors become regulars after their first visit. It has been in business since 1972 and is open 24/7.

It’s one place on the Strip where the food is really good and the prices affordable. Peppermill has some fame attached to it, too. In 1995, scenes from the movies Casino, Showgirls, and The Cotton Club, was shot there.

In recent years there has been fear that the restaurant would go the way of so many other Vegas properties and be razed for new development. The Riviera, located next door, is to be imploded soon. A new convention center will be built in it place. This spurred speculation about Peppermill’s survival.

However, through some legal proceedings, one of Peppermill’s part owners has secured 100% ownership. He vowed that the Peppermill will not be closed as long as he is alive. This is great news for patrons.

Last year the Review Journal gave an update on the actions that has finally secured the Peppermill’s future. You can read it here.


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