Old Frontier Site Will Soon Have New Build

shutterstock_57862405It’s been nine years since the Frontier Hotel & Casino bit the dust and the land cleared. Finally, there are plans to fill the space with a new hotel complex. The new property will be a Crown Resorts property and will be named “Alon.”

Compared to other hotels the first phase will be relatively small and contain only 11o0 rooms. To get some perspective, MGM has 5,000 rooms and the Venetian/Palazzo complex has 4049 rooms. The Alon’s next door neighbor will be World Vegas, filling the old Stardust property, and it will have 3,000 rooms.

The Alon will feature some type of water feature out front that has yet to be revealed. Details are still in the preliminary stage so things may turn out differently by the time construction begins. The estimated completion date is 2018.

The Las Vegas Sun has a current report on some new details about the new hotel complex. You can read it here.


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