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New Vegas TV Show Coming May 12th

crime-scene-1240780_960_720Those of us who can’t be in Las Vegas as much as we want can enjoy it vicariously through the many movies, YouTube, and television shows. And, of course, this website.

The good news is that there is another television show that will hit the airwaves in just a few weeks on May 12th, at 10PM EST. Investigation Discovery will launch its new series, Las Vegas Law.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office faces 60,000 cases per year. With Las Vegas being the unusual city that it is, the cases don’t require any Hollywood embellishments. The truth is stranger than fiction in many cases.

The first three episodes are titled: “The Evil Men Do,” Burden of Proof,” and “Out of Control.” You can read the detailed descriptions of these episodes and read more about the series here.

This should be a very interesting series.


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