New Faces And Facelifts Coming To Vegas Hotels-Watch For These

shutterstock_207324355Those of us who have frequented Las Vegas over the years have seen changes, lots of changes. We have seen hotels come and go. We have seen new building booms like the one taking place now. And, we have seen many of our beloved hotels transformed into rubble and carted away.

Sometimes, the changes are a little less drastic than imploding a hotel. For example, the Imperial Palace in the last four years morphed into the Quad and then into the Linq. Inside and outside renovations created a new theme and look.

In 2016 we will witness more changes. New properties are coming and old ones will be remodeled. Listed below are some changes to watch for:

 1. The California, downtown, will receive a major inside renovation with new restaurants, rooms, and décor. The California is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas.
2. Hooters has been sold and will be rebranded and renovated.
3. The Monte Carlo will likely receive a new name as well as a thorough transformation to keep up with the new projects at The Park next door.
4. The Roman Tower at Caesars will be renovated and renamed the Julius Tower.
5. The Silverton, a locals hotel located south of the Strip off Blue Diamond will sport a new tower with 360 rooms.
Read more about these and the new building projects here.


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