Mr. Lucky’s Not So Lucky For Con Man

shutterstock_259700714Las Vegas is all about luck or the lack thereof. For one man, Mark Thomas Georgantas, his luck ran out. Instead of being embraced by Lady Luck, he was embraced by the law.

Georgantas was dining inside Mr. Lucky’s, a 24/7 diner inside of Hard Rock. This is the spot when his luck changed for the worse and he faced the law.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

Two weeks ago, a Nevada attorney general’s office investigator flashed his badge as he approached Georgantas at the 24-hour diner inside Hard Rock Hotel.

Georgantas, aka Mark Gigantis, aka Mark G, aka Mr. Smooth, jumped out of his booth and over a half wall, Deputy Attorney General Sam Kern told District Judge Stefany Miley.

Security officers stopped Georgantas in his tracks.

As authorities attempted to handcuff him, he faked a heart attack and tried to run again.

Georgantas was reacquired and arrested. Will he be able to talk his way out of this one? Time will tell.

Georgantas had been on the run for months and had a history of borrowing money and then running from his creditors and the law at times. Currently, he is facing two counts of theft and securities fraud, as detailed in an indictment filed by the Nevada Attorney Generals office.

The accused still claims he can prove his innocence.

The full story is here.


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