Move Over Nashville-Vegas Grabs Title

cup-159518_960_720Things change fast in 2016 America and things are changing fast in Las Vegas. Vegas is known for its constant changes. You never know what will disappear today, like a hotel, and what will appear tomorrow, like a new hotel. This is what helps keep people coming back. Some current changes have challenged Nashville in one specific way.

Las Vegas is known for its shows, hotels, and food. But, now there is something else Las Vegas is being known for and it has, in the process of change, stolen a title from Nashville. Nashville is no longer the music capital. According to today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, Las Vegas, is now the “New Music Mecca.” Have you ever thought of Vegas being a music mecca?

The Wall Street Journal article says:

Las Vegas is fast becoming a major live-music destination, from nightclubs to rock’n’roll arena shows, rapper residencies, international festivals and a thriving homegrown scene.

In the last twenty-five to thirty years, Las Vegas has transformed itself from a city that drew people primarily to gamble to a city that draws people for all kinds of reasons including its shows, its food, its magnificent architecture, its natural wonders, and now music. In fact, gambling is almost in the background and those cheap hotels, 99 cent breakfasts and $7.99 lobster dinners are remembered only in the history books.

Just to give you an idea of what’s available now in Las Vegas on the music scene, here is a partial list:

Carrie Underwood

Jennifer Lopez

ZZ TOP with Greg Almond

Smokey Robinson

Brittany Spears

Ted Nugent

Black Sabbath-The End

Cindy Lauper

Donnie and Marie

In addition, you will find a wide variety of talent and music genres in the many casino bars and showrooms. For a more complete list of current offerings look here.


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