They May Move To Las Vegas. This Is Big!


There has been major sports news in the last year that will directly impact Las Vegas. There is another big story brewing now.

There is a NFL football team that may make Las Vegas its new home. This move, if it takes place, will mean millions and millions of more dollars pouring into the Vegas economy. Plus, it would add another reason to the long list of why people visit Las Vegas.

The proposed move, however, has been met with some skepticism and resistance. Another bonus to the team coming would be a new stadium that would also host UNLV sports events. It would be a win-win for Las Vegas.

According to the Las Vegas Sun:

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis said he was serious about moving the team to Las Vegas and would put up $500 million toward a proposed $1.4 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium.

Overall, the project would be paid for with $750 million in public money and $650 million in private funds, backers told a committee of Las Vegas tourism leaders studying the plan.

Read the entire story here.


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