MGM Will Start A New Trend In Vegas That Will Cost You Money

shutterstock_220125880Las Vegas is all about money on every level. And, in early 2016 visiting our favorite city will take more of yours. There may be a new trend developing that will destroy an expected and much loved tradition in Vegas.

There is nothing wrong with increasing profits. This is America and America loves profits. We all love money. But, there is a point when people begin to seek alternatives. Will this be the case in Las Vegas when MGM Resorts will add to the cost of visiting their properties. We can be sure MGM won’t stand alone when others see the dollar signs.

The Las Vegas Review Journal headline reads MGM Resorts To Charge For Parking At Las Vegas Strip Casinos. The report says:

MGM Resorts International will break from a long-standing Las Vegas tradition and begin charging customers to park at the company’s Strip resorts as part of a $90 million strategy to “expand and enhance” the company’s parking infrastructure.

The new policy and prices will go into effect sometime in the Spring. MGM has 9 Strip properties so visitors who stay at any of these will start paying parking fees. According to MGM management these fees are moderate and are in line with other cities.

The question remains, will the other casinos start following suit? Probably. Over recent years Vegas has become a more expensive place. Resort fees take a good bite out of one’s budget and now future visitors will have to save up even more money. With casinos becoming more available around the country, Las Vegas may take a hit next year. Time will tell.

Read Las Vegas Review Journal’s entire story here.



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