Living Down Under In Las Vegas-The Hidden City Of Faceless People

shutterstock_344810156In 2016, the population of Las Vegas and surrounding areas is over 2,000,000 people. The population migration to the area continues.

In addition to the residents over 40,000,000 visitors will fill the hotels and venues to increase the daily population of the area.

What is relatively unknown, is the exact population of the  “other” Las Vegas, the city that exists not within the city, but below the city, down under. There exists a 600 mile network of flood tunnels that is home to hundreds of homeless residents. Some of these makeshift homesteads are located directly below the Strip and its luxurious hotels.

Some of these tunnel dwellers have work while others scavenge or beg for their survival needs. While people are enjoying all that the Strip offers, others, directly below them are living a life of poverty. The tunnels are cold, wet, and dangerous. What can be done to help.

Watch the video below to learn more about this life down under.




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