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Like Pretzels? Today Is Your Day

pretzels-858923_960_720Pretzels come in all types, sizes, and with and without extra embellishments. Pretzels are great. If you love them, today you can pick one up for FREE. That’s right, FREE. And, there are four places just in Las Vegas where you can pick up your FREE sample.

The Las Vegas Review Journal gives us the heads up in their report:

Tuesday may technically be National Pretzel Day, however, Wetzel’s Pretzel is taking advantage of the special day by creating its own “holiday” — National Wetzel Day.

For the second year, Wetzel Pretzel’s is celebrating National Pretzel Day by offering customers a free pretzel simply by visiting their nearest location. Las Vegas is home to four Wetzel’s Pretzels locations.

Check out the details and see how you can even sweeten the deal. Here’s the deal.

We don’t want our friends to miss out on something FREE so this is your chance. Enjoy!


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