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Like Beer? You Are Going To Love This! Like, Really Love This

shutterstock_140611192Those of us who know Las Vegas know there may be a water shortage, but no one is going to die of thirst because there is a lake-full of beer there. You can find beer in the usual places such as in the casinos, drugstores, convenience stores, and restaurants. And, there are many micro breweries around too. So, there is beer for everyone. But, there is something awesome coming, the dream of every beer lover!

Here is the incredibly good news and it’s coming in early 2016. It is a Vegas first, a “Beer Park.” This is going to be a very popular place, for sure. If you like beer at all, you cannot afford to miss it.

Here is the skinny. The park will be located at the Paris Hotel & Casino, or more accurately on a deck on top of Hexx at the top of the Paris. This location will offer great views along with great brews.

The Paris and Budweiser have joined together to create this new venture. It really will be a park complete with picnic tables, grills, and, of course, beer, lots of beer. It is reported that there will be a hundred or more choices of brew. This should keep any beer connoisseur coming back for years.

Some of the unique features of the new Beer Park will be plates that keep your beer cold after it is delivered at a nippy 31 degrees from the taps. The Park will be climate controlled and offer special VIP areas. This is not all, those who indulge in the Budweiser Beechwood Grill can add beer flavors to their burgers or ribs as well as eat from a choice menu. There will be concession carts roaming the area, too, with other goodies.

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