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Killers Are Coming To Vegas And People Are Happy About It?

shutterstock_29100631It’s absolutely true that killers are coming to Las Vegas, but it isn’t what you might think. People are really looking forward to seeing these killers. They are actually willing to pay to see these killers.  So what gives?

We are not talking about killers, like murderers, but rather about a multi-platinum rock band called, “The Killers.” This group is not unknown to Vegas, but what makes this upcoming event on April 6, 2016 special is that they will be the very first act to perform at the Las Vegas Arena that will be located behind New York, New York.

According to the Fox 5 KVVU-TV website the Killers released this humorous statement regarding their future performance:

“Notorious libertines of the unofficial Republic of Vegas, rejoice! We are very pleased to be able to pay our gambling debts by playing a show, uhhum, the first show, at Las Vegas Arena!  Plus, we’re bringing some Las Vegas newcomers to help us as well: Wayne Newton and Shamir!  Please join us for fun and be sure to bring a positive mental attitude, and the deed to your house if need be. Tickets available at all the regular outlets. Otherwise, see our bass player Mark for guest list.  Peace and love, Los Killers”

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