The Story Of Las Vegas Told In Numbers-It Adds Up to Fun



When visitors come to Las Vegas they usually don’t think about numbers except their own odds in beating the house. These are some very important numbers to know too. But, we will talk about other numbers, numbers when added up tell a story, a true picture of what makes Las Vegas, Las Vegas.

Numbers don’t lie and they do tell a story. You can gain some clear understanding about Las Vegas by simply reviewing¬†the¬†facts and stats. Some of these are totally surprising. They defy our preconceptions.

Each year the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority publishes the “Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study.” The most current volume is for the year ending 2014. It is 82 pages long with over a dozen pages in the appendix.

Some of the statistics will shock you.

Here are some highlights of 2014’s study:

*Visitors who were first-time visitors – 19%.

*Visitors whose primary purpose on their current visit was vacation or pleasure -47%.

*First-time visitors whose primary purpose was gambling – 4%. (Shocker)

*Repeat visitors whose primary purpose was to gamble – 14%.

*Visitors who arrived by air was 42%. By car or other ground transportation – 58%.

*The proportion of visitors who used the internet to book accomodations-62%.

*The percentage of people who gambled during their visit-71%

*The average time gambling each day was 2.6 hours.

*80% of visitors were married.

*20% of visitors were retired.

*The average age of visitors was 45.2 years old.

*Percentage of visitors from a foreign country-19%

*The average stay in Las Vegas was 4.2 days.

*99% of visitors stayed overnight.

*The average budget for gambling per trip was $530.11.

If you would like to read the entire study online it is available at:

http://www.lvcva.com/stats-and-facts/ Look under “Research” on the right side of the page.


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