It Moved, So Tax it! Bad News For You!

shutterstock_300817451Ronald Reagan said, If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

It seems the Las Vegas City Council took his words to heart. The City Council has passed by a 4 to 2 margin a $50 per active driver tax on ride sharing companies. This has been dubbed a “ride hailing tax.”

One company, Lyft, a ride sharing company, has sued the city to stop a new $50 per driver tax. The company’s position is that the tax is illegal based on Nevada law AB 176 that is already in effect. If this tax survives, then, most likely, any increased costs will be passed along to consumers. As we reported previously on this site, getting around Las Vegas can be pricey unless you know the ropes. This would just add more to a visitor’s budget.

The  Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

The City Council voted 4-2 in favor of levying a $50 fee per “active driver,” based on the average number of drivers operating over a six-month period. Councilmen Bob Coffin and Steve Ross opposed the fee, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman was absent from the Jan. 20 vote.

The new fees are scheduled to go into effect in March.

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