Guess Who Added More Vegas Concerts? Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

shutterstock_228777646Did you guess who it is? He is no stranger to anyone who loves country music. This is man who has already made his mark in Las Vegas and will be one of the first performers to take the stage at the new Las Vegas Arena which will open next year.

We are talking about the undisputed “King of Country Music,” Mr. George Strait. He had already committed to perform in 2016 at the new Vegas Arena located behind New York, New York. And now, he has agreed to return in 2017 for two more concerts.

Before his announcement, Strait was scheduled to perform on April 22-23 and September 9-10. Now he has agreed to two 2017 appearances. The dates for these concerts are February 17-18.

If you are one of the millions who love George Strait and his country music, we suggest getting tickets now rather than later. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

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