Getting Around Vegas May Be Easier In Future

shutterstock_325895246Getting around Las Vegas can be time consuming and expensive if you move from the Strip to other areas. Right now the choices are the bus, monorail system (limited destinations), cab, Uber, or rent-a-car. Or, you can walk if you have the time and stamina. In the summer, the heat can be very intense and energy robbing.

From the Strip to downtown can be anywhere between 2-6 miles depending on your starting point. The distance from the Strip to Boulder Highway is about 6 miles so transportation is an issue. There may be some relief coming in the future, hopefully the near future.

The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee recently met to discuss plans for a future light rail system that would run from the Airport to the Strip to downtown Las Vegas. This would be a great benefit to travelers depending on what the costs turn out to be.

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