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Free Food For You in Vegas Today If…..

shutterstock_149755805No Joke. Today, Thursday, December 10th, you may qualify for free food at a Red Robin Gourmet Burger location. There is a Christmas catch though. You have to have a certain name to qualify, a name that reflects the Season. Time is short, so you don’t have time to change your name, but you can see if your parents happened to give you the right name for this promotion.

Some of the names that qualify are Christine, Christopher, Nicole, and Nicholas. There may be others based on spelling or applicability. If you do have the right name then you will get a free #NameThatChicken burger.

Heidi Knapp Rinella of The Las Vegas Review Journal describes what this burger is:

In case you’re wondering, the #NameThatChicken burger really doesn’t have a name, although the company currently is running a contest to get one for it. It’s a fire-grilled seven-ounce chicken breast resting on arugula and covered with fontina cheese, peppered bacon and oven-roasted tomato aioli, on a telera, which is sort of the Mexican version of a French roll.

Read the whole story and find out how to claim your burger Right Here


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