FBI Visits Boulder City-Not Good!

seal-42280_960_720It wasn’t really just a visit. It was a raid conducted by the FBI. The target of the FBI raid was the offices of the US Bureau of Reclamation in Boulder City, about 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

Dozens of federal agents led by the FBI executed search warrants in Boulder City and in the Las Vegas Valley Thursday in an investigation of corruption in the award of a $1 million government contract for a financial audit of Hoover Dam.

The dam is run by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees sale of electricity harnessed from the Colorado River to cities and power companies in the West. Agents executed a search warrant at the agency’s regional office in Boulder City Thursday morning.

At the center of the FBI investigation are LL Bradford & Company, a Las Vegas accounting firm that won the audit contract last year, and Fredrick (Rick) J. Zaffarese-Leavitt, who has been financial management director of the Bureau of Reclamation regional office since 2010.

Read the full story here.


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