Dispute Forces Close of Elvis Exhibition

shutterstock_149492234It’s hard to believe that an Elvis exhibit would be closed, but it has. But, it isn’t due to any disrespect of Elvis. Who would dare do that? This is a dispute between management of the Westgate Hotel and a licensee of Graceland, the Elvis estate. As they say, “It’s nothing personal. It’s business.” And business can be down and dirty sometime.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports this:

“They owe us quite a substantial amount of money for the improvements we made on the space,” Waltrip said. “Unfortunately they took a heavy-handed move. They were threatening to default, so we had to close the premises and protect the asset.”

He said Westgate closed the 28,000-square-foot exhibit so they could “secure the contents until we can sort this out.” When it opened in April, a Graceland executive said the exhibit had about 350 pieces from the Graceland collection.”

Read all the contentious details here.


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