Saying Goodbye To Old Friend


She is now dead. For many Las Vegas locals and frequent visitors a dear old friend died on this past Monday. No, it wasn’t a well known celebrity. It was a beloved hotel with a long rich history.

The first part of the Riviera’s implosion and clean up was carried out at 2:35 AM, on Monday morning, June 13th. The good news was that hundreds of friends came to share the experience and to say “good bye” to an old friend.

In traditional Las Vegas style, it was a bitter-sweet moment. For, many who had stayed at the Riviera or grew up with her, they felt pains of sorry and loss. However, the majority of spectators gathered in a party spirt. They came to witness an historic event.

The crowd was treated to a long standing Vegas tradition; an implosion of a hotel that outlived its usefulness. This has been the fate of many Las Vegas iconic properties over the years including the Stardust, Frontier, Dunes, Oasis, Sands, and more.

As the time drew near to pull the final switch, there was a  fireworks display that preceded the actual demolition explosions that flashed through the body of the Riviera.  When the fireworks were over and after a short time of silence, while the dust settled, there was a sequence of 18 distinct, timed blasts. In just seconds the elderly Riviera fell down to the dust.

There is still more work to do on the site in preparation for the future convention center. A second implosion is set for August.

It is notable that the Riviera has been used for many television shows, videos, and movies. It played a part in movies including Vegas Vacation, Showgirls, Casino, and 21, to name a few.

Former Governor of Nevada, Bob Richards said this about the Riviera according to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

“It’s a bittersweet moment for me to watch my past being blown up,” Miller said before proclaiming, in line with Las Vegas tradition, “In with the new.”

RIP Riviera!!!





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