Criminals Make Their Home On Vegas Strip

Criminals have found a good place to ply their trade, the Las Vegas Strip.  Visitors would not expect to find much crime where there are always roving crowds of people walking the Strip day and night. But, it is here where many crimes are taking place.

The crime numbers are mounting. Criminals are feeling more and more at home right in the midst of the streaming crowds. There is so much crime taking place every single night on the Las Vegas Strip that the police can barely cope with it. This crime wave includes serious crimes such as assault, outright robbery, and prostitution. The current trend in increased prostitution results many times in robbery and assault rather than any sexual activity.

What many may find a little unsettling is that a hot spot for crime is on the Strip right out in front of Planet Hollywood. Drugs, scams, and all the other criminal activities are taking place right there. This is one of the busiest parts of the Strip. We have sounded the alarm many times before about people not keeping alert to their surroundings. It is more important now than ever before.

Any offer from strangers that sound to good to be true, are too good to be true. If you succumb to any of these offers, you may lose your wallet or possibly your life. Stay alert! Las Vegas, more than your average city, can be dangerous. The suicide, homicide, and rape rates are higher than the national average. says:

One stretch of sidewalk outside Planet Hollywood could keep the entire squad busy all night. It’s thick with hustlers and drug peddlers, but the team also marches into hotels to disrupt and scatter the trick roll experts who are now a regular fixture in and around the nightclubs. Prostitution these days is more about robberies than sex. Within 10 minutes, six suspects were corralled.

“Prostitution is at a whole different level than any of us have ever seen up here on the Strip. It’s really taken over. It’s exploded,” said Metro Sgt. Mike Ford.

He runs one of two detective teams who do nothing but work serious crimes in and around the Strip corridor. More than half of the felonies and acts of violence are linked to the robbery rings that use prostitutes as bait.  Gangs, teams of pickpockets, major drug operations, auto theft up and down the Strip are nightly realities.

“The tourists, the people that are at home don’t come to the Strip, they don’t see it and they don’t pay attention to it,” Sgt. Ford said.

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It’s a fact that the crime rate is mounting on the Strip. We hope our readers will steer clear of any danger or iffy activities. Criminals are always looking for their next victim. Don’t be one.


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