This Is True? Really?


Each year the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority releases a report about many aspects of Las Vegas tourism. It’s very telling and interesting.

Readers will find that some of their preconceived notions are false. Take a look at some of these 2015  highlights and see if you are surprised by these facts.

*The proportion of visitors who were first-time visitors has remained fairly constant over the last five years. The range has been from 15%-19%. In 2015, it was 16%.

*The proportion of visitors whose primary purpose for their trip was vacation or pleasure in 2015 was 10%. The five-year range was 7%-15%.

*The proportion of visitors whose primary purpose for visiting was gambling was only 12%. This should surprise many people. One would think it would be over 50%. We hasten to say though that the majority of those who came for other reasons, did gamble

*The highest percentage of people’s primary purpose for visiting Las Vegas was for repeat visitors who came for vacation or pleasure. This totaled 42% in 2015.

*The average number of visits in 2015 was 1.8%.

Here are some other interesting stats:

*57% of visitors came to Las Vegas by ground transportation. This includes car, RV, or bus.

*35% of visitors got around Las Vegas by walking. (Are they nuts?)

*48% of visitors used the internet to find accommodations and that it influenced their choice of where to stay.

*100% of visitors stayed overnight.

*The average number of nights stayed by visitors was 3.4.

If these facts and figures intrigue you, you can go read the entire report, all 69 pages here.




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