Bunk Beds Anyone?

beds-182965_960_720We know that there are many choices when it comes to accommodations in Vegas. There are the RV Parks, Time Shares, and all varieties of hotels from the flea ridden to the palatial giants.

But, who would ever think that a classy hotel would offer bunk beds? Who would want bunk beds? And, why bunk beds?

The Linq, formerly the Quad and Imperial Palace, that is center stage on the Strip will soon offer bunk bed rooms, 12 of them to be exact. These 350 square foot rooms will allow friends to all stay together in a high tech, really hip environment. And, the great news is that rates start as low as $69 per night, plus resort fees, of course. But, when four friends split the cost, it is a very good deal.

The Linq may just be a new trend setter. Those on a restricted budget need to negotiate the high cost of visiting Las Vegas and the bunk bed idea may be the solution.

Several national newspapers covered this story including the Las Vegas Review Journal. Read the whole story here.


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