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A Vegas Special Just For Women-No Men Allowed

shutterstock_93796177It’s fair to say that most attractions and things to do in Las Vegas are for anyone who meets the age requirements. There are things for couples and things for entire families. However, there are some things that are designed for one specific group or another.

We have seen quite a few movies come out of Hollywood that feature a bachelor party or two. One classic movie is “The Hangover.” Some notables are “Bachelor Party,” “American Wedding,” and “Bachelor Party Vegas.” Where else would a guy want to spend his last single days than in Vegas? The challenge is remembering it or maybe forgetting it.

But, what about the gals? What is there for them? There are bachelorette parties for sure, but they don’t seem to get the same attention as the bachelor parties do.

Well, things have changed and a group of women have created something just for future brides. They have assembled a bachelorette package like none other.

Bri Steck is CEO and Owner of Here is a site where our brides-to-be may want to visit. Here they can set up their own bachelorette party and leave all the planning to Bri and her staff.’s new bachelorette party package features Vegas’ top rated show “Britney: Piece of Me” that plays at Planet Hollywood. This special package includes:

  • A ticket for one to “Britney: Piece of Me.”
  • VIP pass to Drai”s Beachclub Nightclub at the Cromwell.
  • VIP Pass to Nightclub Access and Open Bar to Chateau Nightclub at Paris.
  • Larger groups of 8 or more

Ladies know what ladies want and this company delivers. So, ladies, here is an opportunity to have a truly personal, exciting, fun, and memorable bachelorette party. Check it out. It’s not cheap, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime event so bust the budget a little.

This service offers more than just this package too, so check out their website:


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