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5,000 People Move To Vegas Each Month

shutterstock_26735863Is Las Vegas booming? You bet it is. This city’s growth rate is astounding. 5,000 people per month pick up stakes and nail them back down in Clark County, Nevada.  We have to remember that Las Vegas is much more than just the Strip or Downtown.  Maybe you have thought about moving here?

If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas, you can use some useful tips and ideas about how to make your move as easy, painless, and economical as possible. The Las Vegas Sun has published a “moving guide” to help newbies join the Vegas family and enjoy their new lifestyle.

Anytime you move to a new area, there may be new decisions to be made based on the local economy, geography, and wildlife. For example, water is getting scarcer in the Valley so there are some very clear water usage rules to consider. And, it’s always important to research things like taxes, utility costs, and weather.

Pack your bags and read more about moving to Las Vegas here.


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