Yikes! 1100 Visitors Die In Vegas Each Year

shutterstock_337191062Let’s be honest. Las Vegas is a fun city. People who love it, really love it, as we do. But, it is a dangerous city too. When you visit, don’t let the lights, noises, street performers, and people lure you into lowering your guard. Always be vigilant. Enjoy your stay and live to come again.

We’ve said it before, the suicide rate is high in Las Vegas as is the crime rate. These are facts you won’t hear about from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. And, the fact is that 1100 people die each year while visiting Las Vegas. Maybe you should keep your visit short.


According to, “Las Vegas had more thdepression-824998_960_720an 40 million visitors in 2014, and guess what: Any number of them died in their hotel rooms, most of natural causes. According to the Clark County coroner’s office, about 1,100 visitors die while in Las Vegas each year. The coroner’s office says 67 percent of those deaths are the result of accidents, 15 percent committed suicide and 11 percent were the victims of homicide. No cause of death could be determined in six percent of the deaths.”

Notice the high percentage of both suicide and homicide. Together, they add up to 26% or 286 people. These are sad and scary statistics.


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