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Visit An Amazing Vegas Mile

las-vegas-1060390_960_720I’ve never heard it called that before, “An Amazing Mile,” but I think the name fits. There is a certain stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, really about a half-mile long, that is often overlooked by Vegas visitors. It is located just north of Fremont Street.

As you head north, the first stop on the Amazing Mile is the Neon Museum , about 1/4 mile north of Fremont on the right. Here visitors will learn the history of Las Vegas in lights, the lights, the signs, from hotels long gone. If you love Vegas history, this is one of those must do things.

When I visited the Neon Museum I was immediately drawn to the big Silver Slipper that is staked out on the road in front of the museum. Those who know their Vegas history will know that this slipper was the one that rotated in front of the Silver Slipper Hotel & Casino that was located across from the old Desert Inn, on the property later occupied by the Frontier.

Howard Hughes, who, due to his paranoia and reclusive nature, was locked down in a suite on the top floor of the Desert Inn. He actually bought the Desert Inn when he was asked to leave. But, while he was there, he became irritated by the light shining into his room from the rotating silver slipper. Since he was paranoid he bought the Silver Slipper so he could dispose of that pesky slipper. According to Vegas lore, his first command after buying the place was to stop the rotating slipper and fill it with concrete. His was convinced that there were cameras in the slipper and that they were recording his comings and goings.

Each sign on the grounds of the museum has as story. It is a great place to visit. You can learn how to book a tour here. You can also book private events. They have gifts and books to pick up while there.

The next stop on this Amazing Mile is the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. It is just another 1/4 mile up Las Vegas Boulevard on the right. We just wrote an article on this museum. You can check it out here.

Finally, almost next door to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is the Old Mormon Fort. This was the first non Indian settlement in the Las Vegas area. 30 Mormons under the leadership of William Bringhurst set up a fort for the purposes of growing crops, evangelizing the Indians, and other endeavors. The experiment lasted just a mere two years.

The website says this:

In June of 1855, William Bringhurst and 29 fellow Mormon missionaries from Utah arrived at this site and built a 150-foot square adobe fort, the first permanent structure erected in the valley. The Mormon outpost, complete with a post office, served as a way station for travelers. The creek provided irrigation for fields and orchards. Lead was later discovered in the mountains to the southwest, and the mission was expanded to include mining and smelting, but the effort proved unsuccessful.

Read the full story here.

On you next trip to Las Vegas take time to visit the Amazing Mile.



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