The Sign Of The Times


shutterstock_89593438Whether you have been to Las Vegas or not, you surely have seen the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. It has an interesting history. It is a sign of the times. It is one of the most recognized and well known signs in the entire world.

In 1959, Ted Rogich, who owned the Western Neon Company commissioned Betty Willis to create the sign. The price was a mere $4000.  Willis died recently on April 19, 2015 at age 91. If you are a Vegas memorabilia nut, you can buy a photo of the Las Vegas sign autographed by Betty Willis and the photographer.

What is especially unusual about the sign is that it was never copyrighted so there are all types of jewelry, photos, paintings, and trinkets, that display this sign royalty free. In fact, we have our own version that you see on our website with our ATV logo.

Folks may not know that there are actually three of these signs in the Las Vegas area, the best known being on the Strip, just south of Mandalay Bay. One of the others is located about four miles further north on the Strip just past the Stratosphere Tower, and the third one is on Boulder Highway just north of Tropicana Avenue

shutterstock_158509817In 2009 the sign was placed in the National Register of Historic  In the past many people probably came close to getting killed while posing in front of the sign. There were no safe places to stand being in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip, with high traffic.

With great wisdom leaders built a parking area in front of the sign where visitors can safely park and pose for photos. Many times Elvis himself will be right there to pose with those who want “The King’ in their photo.

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