That Casino Cost How Much?

hotel-841397_960_720When a person goes to Vegas he or she is usually amazed at the incredible architecture of the many hotels. The hotels are awe inspiring. They are beautiful, lavish, colorful, and expensive to build.

Lest we forget though, let’s remember that “losers” built these wonders. Las Vegas thrives off of losers. We can all be thankful for all the losers who made it possible for us to be wowed by the great hotels. If we are honest, most of us have been losers in Vegas at one time or another.

So, just how much does it cost to build a modern hotel and casino in Las Vegas? We will list some of the newer hotels and their building costs to satisfy your curiosity.

Six years ago, in 2010, the record was 2.7 billion dollars. This was the price for building the Wynn. That translates in 2014 dollars to 3.6 billion dollars.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported in 2014 the following figures for hotel building costs. As you can see they ain’t cheap. The price tags have been adjusted for inflation as of 2014. Not much inflation since that time so still pretty accurate:

  • Cosmopolitan, $4.18 billion
  • Wynn Las Vegas, $3.26 billion
  • Bellagio Hotel, $2.3 billion
  • The Palazzo, $2.05 billion
  • MGM Grand, $1.62 billion
I am also a travel agent with a specialty in cruising for 22 years. Just to give you an interesting comparison. You can take the largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, that cost 1.35 Billion dollars to build. This means you could buy almost four of these humongous cruise ships for what the Cosmopolitan cost to build. If you have ever sailed the Harmony or seen it, you know it is a lot of ship and holds 6000 passengers. That is 50% more than the entire MGM Hotel. Just FYI
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