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Since 1906 This Hotel & Casino Still Stands

From tshutterstock_78265453he responses we get from our Vegas history posts, it is evident that a lot of folks love the history of this great town. Few places have so many diverse and fascinating players in its history as does Las Vegas. Where else can you learn about, in one geographical setting, Explorers, Indians, Mormons, the mob, Moguls, Entrepreneurs, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton, Elvis, and Celine Dion? I could go on and on. This is what makes Vegas history so much fun and interesting.

What is very unusual for anything in Las Vegas is to survive for fifty years, much less a hundred and ten. We, in fact, know of nothing, excepting the Mormon Fort and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino that has.

The Golden Gate was not opened in 1906 as the Golden Gate. It was the hotel Nevada. Later, in 1931, when gambling was legalized in Nevada, the name was changed to the Sal Sagev, Las Vegas spelled backwards. It acquired its current name in 1955 when businessmen from San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate Bridge, purchased the property and renamed it.

This famous hotel is located a 1 Fremont Street right where it originally was built. It was known for many years as the place to get 99 cent shrimp cocktail. Today, it is $3.99 cocktail, but still a bargain.

Next time you visit Fremont Street visit the Golden Gate and see a true historical treasure.




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