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When You Can’t Be In Vegas…

neon-1101545_960_720If you love Las Vegas, and you can’t be there as much as you like, there is something you can do to fill the void, at least temporarily. No, nothing will equal actually being there, but we can bask in the memories as we watch movies about or filmed in Las Vegas. And, there are many.

Just today, I watched “21” that has many great Vegas scenes especially at Planet Hollywood, one of my favorite places to stay. There is also some scenes from the Riviera and Red Rock Casino. It is interesting how many movies show scenes from the Riviera, that, if you didn’t know, closed last year. Some of the films showing the Riviera are “Vegas Vacation”, “Showgirls,” “21”, and “Oceans 11″, to name a few.”

Now if you want to view some good Vegas movies, here is a partial list and some resources to do some further research.


“History of the World, Part I”

“Diamonds Are Forever”

“Viva Las Vegas”

“Love Streams”

“Rain Man”

“Honeymoon in Vegas”

“Fools Rush In”

“Honey, I blew Up the Kids”

“Mars Attacks”

“The Hangover”

There are many more. To get some more good suggestions for future viewing check this out. Here is one more resource.

Tell us what your favorite Vegas movies are. My favorites are “Honeymoon in Vegas,” “Fools Rush In,” and “Vegas Vacation.”  I actually watched them film a scene in “Honeymoon in Vegas” at Bally’s. I got to see Nicholas Cage, James Caan, and Sarah Jessica Parker.


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