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Video Poker Can Spook Players

Video poker is a favorite among many gamblers

Video poker is a favorite among many gamblers

Video poker has a large following of players. It can spook some players because there are so many variations and choices.

These machines are much different than a slot machine because they require some knowledge and skill to play effectively. Knowing when to hold a hand and what cards to keep and discard each time is crucial to ending up on the wining side of the ledger. In one way it is like blackjack. A good player knows exactly what to do in each and every scenario.

Types of Machines

There are also numerous types of machines. Some play one hand at a time and others play multiple hands. Then, there are newer machines that are a bit more complex. Some of these are called Quad Machines, Spin Poker, and Super Times Pay. Know what you are getting into before you deposit your money.

What makes video poker a little confusing for the novice is that there are different types of video poker machines. Thus, it is important to read and understand the payout tables that are usually posted on the front of the machine or on the video screen.

Types of Games

Once a type of machine is picked out the next hurdle is to choose the particular game. Some of the more popular games are Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, Aces & Eights, Double Jackpot, Deuces Wild, and Double Joker. Keep in mind, regardless of what game you choose, as with slots, the house always has the edge.

Money Management

Finally, and truly most important is having some kind of money management plan. This is where so many gamblers fail and end up losing their money. Sometimes, you are going to lose and when you do, there is a point when walking away is the best choice. Don’t keep going back to the ATM. Just quit and try again another day.

If you think you would like to be a better video poker player or you are thinking of learning the game. There are online training apps and books written on the subject. Here is one online game you can try:

Arm yourself with knowledge and go have fun. You will find video poker in every casino and in many of the local bars.

For more information on money management techniques there is a good article on You can read their article here.



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