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Slot Players-Go Fish!

goldfish-30837_960_720Picking out a slot machine to play is more difficult than trying to find a low sugar, low fat, cereal at the grocery store.  There are just too many of them and they change all the time although some of the classics do stick around. These are slots like “Wheel of Fortune” or “Blazing 7s. ” These are still found at most Vegas casinos.

Scientific Games has a new release. It’s called “Gold Fish Deluxe.” It is a five-reel, 30-line video slot machine. It has five mystery free-spin and second-screen bonus events. The machine can accommodate penny play all the way up to $100 play for the big boys and girls.

The game has a Gold Fish Bonus, Green Fish Bonus,  and a Blue Fish bonus. Each bonus offers different benefits and paybacks. The machine sports 2, 24-inch HD displays which brightens the play with explosive imagery. It’s fun. Give it a spin or two on your next trip.


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