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If Your Gambling Budget Is Big or Small Do These Things

Thershutterstock_141637870e are many people who go to Las Vegas to gamble. Some of these folks are what would be called “High Rollers” or “Whales.” You have probably heard some whale stories. These are people who bet tens of thousands of dollars on one hand of blackjack or roll of the dice. Most of us won’t bet that much in a lifetime, but for whales it is a drop in the bucket. These are millionaires and billionaires. Many of these high rollers will also have a line of credit for millions of dollars with a casino. These powerful gamblers receive unbelievable perks.

You may never be classified a whale, but you may still gamble enough to qualify for certain benefits. I just talked to a friend today who has a friend who just returned from Vegas after a weekend trip. Over the weekend he gambled with about $100,000. The casino then gave him a free air ticket to comeback to Vegas to that casino, probably first class, plus a suite and other comped amenities. Sweet!

Again, you may not be able to gamble that much money either, but even if you gamble less, much less, you should see if you can be assigned a casino host. A host can comp you various things from meals to shows, to more all depending on how much you gamble over your stay.

What I suggest anyone do who gambles regularly or a lot, is to ask your favorite casino to assign you a host. The casino host will track your betting averages and time at the tables or machines. Then when you are finished will calculate what, if any, benefits you should receive.

A friend of mine did this at Caesars. When he checked out, he was comped $600 toward his room bill. Even if you gamble small, at least join a “players club” and get some benefits that way. It’s all free so why not.


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